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House of DiMotion
14 days & nights, 20 artists, 100 motion artworks
October 7th to October 21st

ÆVE at Lohmühleninsel
In front of Schlesisches Tor 3, 10997 Berlin

Blue Smoke

House of DiMotion
an exclusive 3D motion exhibition with 20 outstanding artists at Lohmühleninsel

PEQAS GALLERY, ÆVE & Metis will present high quality 3D animations with sound background in the historic building of the Ex-Chalet (Vor dem Schlesisches Tor 3, 10997 Berlin) from October 7 to 21, 2022. For 14 days, well-known international artists (with ranges of over 3M) from the world of NFT Art will present a fine selection of their best works in the garden and between the walls of the newly opened ÆVE. Supported by a selected music program with ambient and house DJ's, the exhibition will provide a multimedia space for a total of approximately 7500 guests over the complete period.


All Artists

Adam Spizak

Alexy Prefontaine

Andreas Wannerstedt


Artur Gadzhiev

Gavin Shapiro

JN 3008

Juan Segura


Marc Tudisco

Marco Mori

Nick denBoer


Paul Esteves

Robbin Snijders

Roger Kilimanjaro


Sam Madhu


Steven Baltay


RSVP (paying at box office) or buy fastlane tickets in advance.

Rare capacity per day! First come first served.

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